¡°We have relocated !!¡±

Given the recent escalation in rental rates throughout Singapore, Expats2Singapore has not been spared. We made a difficult decision to relocate from our former office in the city to the suburbs. However, there¡¯s much synergy in the present premises, which is a Hotel. With function rooms, we¡¯ll be able to conduct our various programs right next to our office. As office tenants, we enjoy special rates in hotel room rates (which we can pass on to you) as well as in the Hotel¡¯s Caf¨¦, where we can lunch or dine when we meet to work on your relocation needs (they serve some delightful local cuisine). Although it is slightly further from the city centre, there¡¯s ample public transport means to get here.

Furthermore, the hotel has ample parking facilities.
To our valued clients, you can be assured that our high quality service remains intact and we will continue to serve your needs that will meet your expectations¡­and more..

So basically, it¡¯s just a geographic displacement.